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Prosecco, Dolci Colline

Veneto, Italy -  100% Prosecco. Tropical aromas of fruit. Fresh fragrant aromas, a delicately soft and harmonious taste are the hallmarks of this quintessential aperitif wine. Great with calamari, clams & mussels.

9.00 Glass    32.00 Bottle
9.00 glass   32.00 bottle



Pinot Grigio, Torre Di Luna

Trentino, Italy -  100% Pinot Grigio. Pale yellow color with greenish reflections. Vibrant on the palate with fresh fruit & balanced acidity. Excellent aperitif wine. Great with seafood dishes, calamari, mussels, clams.
9.00 glass   32.00 bottle

Chardonnay, Cantele

Puglia, Italy -  100% Chardonnay. A structured wine with pale yellow color, intense bouquet and delightfully balanced palate showing ripe fruit and subtle oak. Perfect for fish, pizzas & flat breads and any stewed seafood.
9.00 glass   32.00 bottle

Riesling, Lechthaler

Trentino, Italy -  100% Riesling. Straw yellow color with greenish highlights. Extremely intense and complex on the nose. Tropical fruit, citrusy and with a long finish. Perfect for fish, pizzas & flat breads and any stewed seafood.
10.00 glass   38.00 bottle

Falanghina, Terredora

Campania, Italy -  100% Falanghina. Pale yellow color. Offers a rich and intense aroma of fruit with hints of apple, pineapple, quince and pear. A wine for the whole meal equally at home with hors d'oeuvres, fish dishes, cold dishes & buffalo mozzarella.
10.00 glass   38.00 bottle

Sauvignon Blanc, San Leonardo

Trentino, Italy -  100% Sauvignon Blanc. The wine shows a pale gold color. The bouquet is refined and typical of the variety, with hints of sage, bell peppers and tomato vines. Well balanced and structured with excellent acidity. Great with pizza, pasta and seafood.
11.00 glass    42.00 bottle


Salina Bianco, Colosi

Sicilia, Italy -  50% Viognier 50% Grillo. Straw yellow, aromas of white flowers, citrus and tropical fruit and evolves in more complex exotic fruit, dried apricot and vanilla notes. On the palate, it is perfectly balanced between fruit flavors and a lively citrus acidity
13.00 glass   48.00 bottle


Maestro, Pecchenino

Piemonte, Italy -  60% Chardonnay 40% Sauvignon Blanc.  Aged 9 months in French oak barriques.  Straw yellow color.  The bouquet on the nose is rich, round and buttery.  Fresh, aromatic, and zingy.  Sauvignon Blanc brings a crisp acidity and lively aromatics.  Great with pasta, chicken and seafood dishes.
13.00 glass    48.00 bottle


Chardonnay, Vie Di Romans

Friuli, Italy -  100% Chardonnay. Attractive, forward, toasty, buttery, ripe tropical fruit aroma with notes of charred oak; nutty, buttery, toasty ripe tropical fruit flavors with good depth and a rich, lush finish. Great with pasta bolognese, chicken and pork dishes.
55.00 bottle


Rose, Cantele

Puglia, Italy -  100% Negroamaro.  Clear rose in color.  Notes of rose and red geranium mingle with fruit notes of strawberry and cherry.  Pleasant with vibrant freshness and persistent flavor.  The perfect wine for summer.  Great with pizza, soups, vegetable dishes and seafood.
9.00 glass    32.00 bottle




Amarone "La Marega" Le Salette

Veneto, Italy -  75% Corvina, 20% Rondinella, 5% Sangiovese. Ruby red wine with deep, smoky, dried fruit aromas.  The wine is very rich in fruit on the palate and very long lasting.  One of the most exciting wines in the market. Great with meat.   2013 Vintage   Wine Advocate - 93 Points
105.00 bottle


 Barbaresco Riserva, "Pora" Produttori

Piemonte, Italy -  100% Nebbiolo. Ruby red, rich, ripe, red fruit notes. Full-bodied and intense with youthful tannins on the finish. Fruity black mushroom scents add depth to the strawberry briskness of this cru. It's cool with a very long smooth finish.  2011 Vintage  Wine Advocate - 95 Points
116.00 bottle

Sammarco, Castello Dei Rampolla 

Toscana, Italy -  (Super Tuscan) 90% Cabernet Sauvignon,5% Sangiovese, 5% Merlot, . Its color is intense, deep ruby to purple. The nose is captivating, rich and dense, full of ripe fruits and sweet spicy aromas. The palate finds remarkable structure tempered by silky tannins. James Suckling  -  2011 Vintage  Wine Advocate - 95 Points (EXCLUSIVE)

130.00 bottle


Brunello "Gualto" Riserva, Camigliano

Toscana, Italy -  100% Sangiovese Grosso. Aged 36 months in oak barrels followed by 12 months of bottle refinement.  Deep red with orange notes.  Mature fruit nose of blackberry with notes of licorice, spices, tobacco and wet earth.  Well-structured and marked soft tannins.  2010 Vintage  Wine Spectator - 96 Points (Exclusive)
140.00 bottle


Brunello Di Montalcino, Salvioni

Toscana, Italy -  100% Sangiovese Grosso. Intense ruby color, assembles a perfect combination of power and elegance. Good structure and full body are and captivating perfumes of fruit and clean freshness. Perfect with red meat and aged cheese.  2008 Vintage Wine Advocate - 97 Points (Exclusive).
230.00 bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon "Vigna D'Alceo" Castello Dei Rampolla

Toscana, Italy - (Super Tuscan) Blend of 85% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Petit Verdot. Espresso, sweet melted licorice, black currant jam, tobacco and toasty oak. Full-bodied, with refined tannins. Perfect with game, chicken, turkey, ham, pork, and aged cheese. James Suckling  2011 Vintage  Wine Advocate - 97 Points (Exclusive)
260.00 bottle

2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, San Leonardo

Trentino, Italy -  80% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Cabernet Franc, 10% Merlot. A dense ruby/purple color is followed by a sweet nose of high class cigar tobacco with smoke, minerals, black currants, and vanilla. In the mouth, it is dense, medium to full bodied,with superb richness, purity, and overall harmony. Voted one of the best Cabernet in Italy for the last 15 vintages.  2010-2011 Vintage  Wine Advocate 94 Points
110.00 bottle



Moscato D'asti, Marenco

Piemonte, Italy -  (sparkling) 100% Moscato. The must is fermented in tank until the wines has reached 5.5% alcohol. The bouquet is refreshing and delicate with aromas of peach & pear. This is the perfect dessert wine, especially with cannoli, cassata and fruit cake.
10.00 glass   38.00 bottle

Vino Passito, Colosi

Sicilia, Italy -  100% Moscato di Alessandria.  Golden yellow with amber highlights.  Candied fruits such as figs, citrus and apricots, together with sensations of honey and pastries.  Great with Italian wedding cake and sfogliatelle
11.00 glass   44.00 bottle


Sicilia Rosso, Colosi

Sicilia, Italy -  70% Nero D'Avola, 15% Syrah, 15% Merlot. Dark ruby red in color. A dry, full-bodied wine with aromas of black fruit, blackberry and strawberries. Great with pasta and pizza.
9.00 glass   32.00 bottle

Chianti "Colli Senesi" Cerro

Toscana, Italy -  90% Sangiovese, 10% Merlot. Perfumes of cherries and fresh red fruit mingle with spicy, rose petal, peppery notes. Great with pasta siciliana and eggplant parmigiana.
10.00 glass   36.00 bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon, Torre Di Luna

Trentino, Italy -  100% Cabernet Sauvignon. Intense ruby red color. On the nose it presents clean and intense aromas of fresh, ripe fruit, red berries and hints of spice. Great with roasted chicken, pork and veal dishes.
9.00 glass   32.00 bottle

Montepulciano D'Abruzzo, Capostrano

Abruzzo, Italy -  100% MOntepulciano d'Abruzzo. Wine undergoes minimal aging prior to release from the winery. Ruby red in color with pleasing aromas, mellow taste. Great with pasta, panini and flat bread.
10.00 glass   38.00 bottle

Primitivo, Cantele

Puglia, Italy -  100% Red Zinfandel. Deep red wine with violet reflections, complemented by the unique, intense bouquet and spicy aroma. It is full-bodied and conveys velvety. Great with calzone, eggplant and panini.
10.00 glass   36.00 bottle

Vino Nobile, Fattoria Del Cerro

Toscana, Italy -  100% Sangiovese. Aged seven months in French oak barriques, followed by eight months of refinement in stainless steel tanks. Intense, ruby red, wild berry. Great with gnocchi, lasagna and pizza.
10.00 glass   36.00 bottle

Aglianico, Terredora

Campania, Italy -  100% Aglianico. Intense ruby red with violet reflections, it shows black cherry, wild blackberry and plum fruit flavors with a spicy, toasted overtone. Soft and elegant, with a very long finish. Great with eggplant parmigiana and mozzarella.
10.00 glass   36.00 bottle

Manero, Fattoria del Cerro

Toscana, Italy -  (Super Tuscan) 80% Sangiovese, 20% Merlot. Berry, ripe cherry and violet. Fruit, tannin achieve an elegant balance, with a very long finish. Great with skirt steak and ossobucco.
10.00 glass   38.00 bottle

Pinot Noir, Lechthaler

Trentino, Italy -  100% Pinot Noir. Red berry fruit scented bouquet, rose petal. Soft dryness with a pleasing finish. Aged in small barrels for 12 months. Great with pasta, pizza, chicken.
11.00 glass   42.00 bottle

Barbera D'Asti, Araldica

Piemonte, Italy -  100% Barbera. Intense ruby red color with purple highlights. On the nose it presents persistent notes of red berries, cherries and violet. Great with pork and pasta with meat sauce.
10.00 glass   38.00 bottle


Toscana, Italy - 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot, 15% Sangiovese.  Intense ruby red, silk in your mouth, full bodied with fine tannins.  Great with veal scaloppine.  (Super Tuscan)

12.00 glass   44.00 bottle

Ripasso, Acinum

Veneto, Italy -  75% Corvina, 20% Rondinella, 5% Molinara. Ruby red, fruit forward and dried fruit aromas. Fermentation in stainless steel at a controlled temperature for 8-10 days using natural yeasts; malolactic fermentation in oak barrels. Bottle refined for five months. Great with pasta and pizza.
13.00 glass    46.00 bottle

Terre Di San Leonardo, Gonzaga

Trentino, Italy -  Blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Cabernet Franc & 10% Merlot. Brilliant ruby red, with attractive depth and decent length. Fruit-rich when the wine is young. Dry, soft and well balanced on the palate, it reveals a pleasing herbal twist in the finish. Great with veal and chicken parmigiana.
44.00 bottle

Poggio D'Elsa, Bruni

Toscana, Italy -  50% Cabernet Sauvignon 50% Sangiovese.  Deep ruby red color.  The rose is intense, with fresh hints of red fruits and wild berries all wrapped in a anilla note.  The sip is rich, smooth, elegant.  Cherry finish with well intergrated tannins.  (Super Tuscan)
36.00 bottle

Rosso Di Montalcino, Camigliano

Toscana, Italy -  100% Sangiovese.  Ruby red color.  The nose is very fruity, of red ripe fruits.  It has a good acidity and smooth texture, well balanced between tannin and alcohol.  The after taste is fruity and mineral, with a good persistence.  Perfect with dressed pork products, mature cheeses & flavored main courses.
38.00 bottle

Carbenet Franc, Luisa

Fruili, Italy -  100% Carbenet Franc.  Deep ruby red color.  Typical Franc notes of herb, black raspberry and tobacco leaf.  On the palate it is full bodied, fresh, linear, well balanced with a long pleassant peppery finish.  Ideal with spicy food, especially meat.
44.00 bottle

Le Sughere, Frassinello

Toscana, Italy -  (Super Tuscan) Blend of 50% Sangiovese, 25% Merlot & 25% Cabernet Sauvignon. A wine of great character. Deep ruby red in color, with good berry fruit and floral notes, hints of minerals, and nice elegant spicy tones. Medium-bodied, with fine, velvety tannins. Great with veal scaloppine.  (Super Tuscan)
58.00 bottle

Barolo, "Lecinquevigne" Damilano

Piemonte, Italy -  100% Nebbiolo. Ruby red with orange reflections hints of dry roses and violets, truffle & tar come through in the perfume. Very well balanced and sophisticated wine. Great with steaks and veal.
70.00 bottle

Pinot Noir, Maso Poli

Trentino, Italy -  100% Pinot Noir. Aromas are lively & elegant with spiced cherry & berry fruit, integrating with vanilla, butterscotch, herbal, licorice & smoke undertones. Sweet-toned cherry, currant & stone fruit flavors.Great with pollo parmigiana & veal parmigiana.
58.00 bottle

Barolo "Lecinquevigne" Damilo

Piemonte, Italy -  100% Nebbiolo.  Light red color with garnet reflections.  The bouquet on the nose is typical of Barbaresco, with elegant notes of rose petals, tobacco and sweet spices.  The palate is rich, full bodies with sweet tannings and a pleasant long finish.  Great with red meats.
82.00 bottle

Amarone, Acinum

Veneto, Italy -  50% Corvina Veronese, 35% Rondinella, 15% Molinara. Deep ruby red, intense and highly developed with notes of dry herbs, prunes and cherries. Full-bodied with a velvety, warm mouthfeel; long finish. Great with steaks and veal.
85.00 bottle

Brunello Di Montalcino, Camigliano

Toscana, Italy -  100% Sangiovese Grosso. Intense ruby color, assembles a perfect combination of power and elegance. Good structure and full body are accompanied by captivating perfumes of fruits. Great with ossobuco, steaks and veal.
80.00 bottle